Herbs and supplements that can lower blood pressure (2023)

high blood pressure orhypertension, is a serious condition in which the blood pressure exceeds 130/80 millimeters of mercury (mmHg). High blood pressure increases the risk of heart disease, stroke and kidney disease. Fortunately, there are many ways to control your blood pressure and reduce your risk of these health effects.

This article reviews the facts about lowering blood pressure without traditional medicine, highlights lifestyle changes, and the potential effects of natural substances to lower blood pressure.

Herbs and supplements that can lower blood pressure (1)

What is considered high blood pressure?

According to the American Heart Association/American College of Cardiology Hypertension Guidelines 2017, the categories of blood pressure levels are described in the table below. Note that you must have an elevated reading more than once to be diagnosed with high blood pressure.

blood pressure categorySystolic blood pressure (mmHg)Diastolic blood pressure (mmHg)

What you should know about herbs and supplements

Professional medical associations like the American Medical Association agree that the best way to get your nutrients is through what you eat.

Introducing nutrients through supplements such as vitamins (addition) is recommended for some people—for example, those with certain nutrient deficiencies and pregnant women—but most people can get enough nutrients through their diet.

While there is some evidence that certain herbs and supplements can help lower blood pressure, the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology advocate lowering blood pressure through nutrition by eating a nutritious diet.

The problem with herbs and supplements

Herbs and supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Association (FDA) in the strict way that drugs are. Doses in supplements may vary due to different manufacturing processes and there is a possibility of contamination in the products.

Over-the-counter herbs and supplements can interact with medications in a serious way and cause unwanted side effects. Always discuss any medications or over-the-counter medications with your healthcare team.

3 Hypertension Supplements

High blood pressure supplements are listed below. Always ask your supplier before starting any supplement.


Potassiumis perhaps the best example of a natural blood pressure lowering supplement that has been consistently demonstrated in well-conducted studies. Studies have shown that dietary potassium supplementation (target 3,500 to 5,000 milligrams per day) can lower blood pressure by four to five points.

Although we often think of bananas as a great source of potassium, this element is also found in high amounts in many other fruits, vegetables and meats. Good dietary sources of potassium include:

  • an avocado
  • broccoli
  • dried apricots
  • Potato and sweet potato
  • tomatoes

It is important to note that non-dietary sources of potassium are prescription products that must be carefully administered by a healthcare professional. They are usually used in patients with potassium deficiency, not in patients with low blood pressure.

Kidney disease and potassium

It's not always a good idea for everyone to carry potassium with them. People with chronic kidney disease, and especially those on dialysis, should talk to their doctor about potassium in their diet. They needavoid excess potassiumbecause while the kidneys usually keep enough potassium in the blood, kidney disease can lead to dangerously high potassium levels.


magnesium deficiencywas associated with high blood pressure.That said, while it would make sense to takemagnesium supplementsmay possibly lower blood pressure, studies are mixed. A meta-analysis of magnesium supplementation showed a two-point drop in blood pressure.

Magnesium supports the work of the digestive tract, nervous system and cardiovascular system. Good dietary sources of magnesium include:

  • Green leafy vegetables (e.g. kale and spinach)
  • dried apricots
  • an avocado
  • nuts and beans
  • tofu

Magnesium supplements can also be purchased over the counter (OTC). Diarrhea is a common side effect of excess magnesium.


Calcium deficiency is also linked to high blood pressure.Taking more calcium has been shown to lower blood pressure by up to two and a half points in people with high blood pressure.

Calcium is an essential element that we often think is important for healthy bones, but it also has other important functions in the body. Like magnesium, calcium is also involved in the functioning of smooth muscles and the nervous system.

Good dietary sources of calcium include:

  • Dairy products (e.g. milk, yogurt, cheese)
  • Fish (e.g. sardines and salmon)
  • Green leaves

Calcium is also available without a prescriptionsupplementbut you should be aware that you may have itpossible drug interactions. Adults should aim for around 1,300 mg of calcium per day.

3 herbs for high blood pressure

There is evidence that is certainspicescan help lower blood pressure. Although the data is sometimes controversial, the following herbs may have blood pressure lowering effects.


Garlic has been used medicinally for centuries. Some studies have shown that ABlood pressure lowering effects of garlic supplementation.In one meta-analysis, people with high blood pressure had an eight-point reduction in blood pressure with garlic supplementation.

Garlic can be taken in the following forms:

  • raw garlic
  • in powder
  • liquid garlic extracts

Keep in mind that garlic supplementation may increase bleeding and should be used with caution in people taking blood thinners.

Fish oil

Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which have a number of potential beneficial effects on brain and heart health.

While previous studies onOmega-3 acid supplementationshowed potential benefits for cardiovascular health, results were mixed, and the dose needed to produce an effect was unclear.

2022 meta-analysis published inJournal of the American Heart Associationshowed that supplementation with 3 grams of omega-3 fatty acid lowered blood pressure by just over 2.6 points.

The American Heart Association recommends eating two servings of oily fish per week as part of a heart-healthy diet.Fish oil supplements can also be purchased over the counter.

green tea

Tea has been used medicinally for centuries in East Asian cultures.green teais known to be high in antioxidants and may also have blood pressure lowering effects.A 2020 meta-analysis found that short-term green tea supplementation lowered blood pressure by about 1.2 points.

Green tea can be consumed as tea or extracts can be taken as a supplement. Be aware that green tea extract has been linked to liver damage in some people and may interact with medications.

Materials to avoid

It is important to eat a variety of nutritious foods as part of a heart-healthy diet to control high blood pressure. You should also know which substances can increase blood pressure. The following nutrients and supplements should be minimized or avoided if you have high blood pressure:

  • high salt content
  • Processed foods and meat
  • Supplements, e.gdropmiinvestigate(also known asmother huang)

Complementary lifestyle changes to try

A healthy and nutritious diet is one way to lower your blood pressure, but it is as followslife habitsIt may also help lower blood pressure:

  • Exercises
  • Sleep with the right quality
  • dealing with stress
  • Yoga and relaxation techniques


High blood pressure is a serious condition that increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Fortunately, blood pressure control is not out of your hands. Interventions, including nutritional supplementation, can help lower blood pressure. Several herbs and supplements have evidence of lowering blood pressure, but the best way to get these nutrients is through a varied diet.

A very good word

While herbs and supplements may seem like an attractive option, be aware that, like medications, they can come with risks. There is also significantly less monitoring for purity, side effects, and interactions compared to FDA-approved drugs. Proven strategies such as exercise and diet have ample evidence of their effectiveness, and their health benefits go beyond lowering blood pressure.

common questions

  • Which supplements lower blood pressure quickly?

    If you want to lower your blood pressure in a matter of hours or days, proven medications are your best bet. While dietary changes and supplements can help lower blood pressure, they take weeks or months to take effect.

  • Are herbs and supplements safe for high blood pressure medications?

    Some herbs and supplements may interact with blood pressure medications. For example, green tea extract can affect the absorption of medications.Always consult your doctor before adding supplements to your diet.

    Know more:What is Potassium? Benefits, side effects, dosage and interactions

  • Does staying hydrated lower blood pressure?

    stayhydratedand preventing dehydration can help prevent low blood pressure. However, hydration will not lower blood pressure.

    Know more:Does drinking water lower blood pressure?

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Herbs and supplements that can lower blood pressure (2)

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Herbs and supplements that can lower blood pressure? ›

That said, there are several promising herbs and spices you can incorporate into your diet that may help lower your blood pressure. They include basil, parsley, celery seeds, Chinese cat's claw, Bacopa monnieri, garlic, thyme, cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom, to name a few.

What herbs bring down blood pressure quickly? ›

That said, there are several promising herbs and spices you can incorporate into your diet that may help lower your blood pressure. They include basil, parsley, celery seeds, Chinese cat's claw, Bacopa monnieri, garlic, thyme, cinnamon, ginger, and cardamom, to name a few.

What supplements can lower your blood pressure? ›

Best Supplements for Reducing Blood Pressure, According to Experts
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Omega-3 fatty acids, a type of polyunsaturated fat found in fish oil supplements, flaxseeds and walnuts, may potentially help lower blood pressure, says Dr. ...
  • Magnesium. ...
  • Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) ...
  • Garlic. ...
  • Potassium.
May 23, 2023

What is the best vitamin to lower high blood pressure? ›

Foods high in vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, selenium or L-arginine are good options if you're looking to lower your blood pressure. Antioxidants protect your cells from damage and can reduce inflammation, which, in turn, can keep blood pressure in control.

What will bring blood pressure down quickly? ›

How Can I Lower My Blood Pressure Immediately?
  1. Take a warm bath or shower. Stay in your shower or bath for at least 15 minutes and enjoy the warm water. ...
  2. Do a breathing exercise. Take a deep breath from your core, hold your breath for about two seconds, then slowly exhale. ...
  3. Relax!

How can I lower my blood pressure naturally ASAP? ›

How to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally
  1. Regular Physical Activity Helps Improve Health. It's no secret that regular physical activity helps to keep you in good health. ...
  2. Eat Less Salt. ...
  3. Add More Potassium to Your Diet to Reduce High Blood Pressure. ...
  4. Limit Your Alcohol Consumption. ...
  5. Reduce Your Stress to Lower Your Blood Pressure.
Mar 22, 2022

Can turmeric lower blood pressure? ›

Since turmeric can lower blood pressure, it may have additive effects with antihypertensive drugs ( 10 ). Turmeric can aid digestion by increasing stomach acid levels, which may inhibit the effectiveness of antacids ( 10 ).

What is the best natural product to lower blood pressure? ›

How to lower blood pressure with food
  • Unsweetened yogurt. ...
  • Berries: Strawberries and blueberries are rich in antioxidant compounds called anthocyanins. ...
  • Beets: This root vegetable is high in nitric oxide, a compound that's been shown to reduce systolic blood pressure.
May 7, 2022

Does Ashwagandha lower blood pressure? ›

Does ashwagandha increase your blood pressure? No, ashwagandha does not cause high blood pressure. In fact, research has shown that ashwagandha may actually help to lower blood pressure in individuals with high blood pressure. It may also help to reduce stress and anxiety, which can also help to lower blood pressure.

Can B12 lower blood pressure? ›

Moreover, a higher plasma homocysteine level has been linked with higher blood pressure. Dietary intake of vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid has been reported to reduce the plasma homocysteine level. These vitamins may have an influence on blood pressure levels by mediating the effects on the homocysteine level.

Can magnesium lower blood pressure? ›

Magnesium intake of 500 mg/d to 1000 mg/d may reduce blood pressure (BP) as much as 5.6/2.8 mm Hg. However, clinical studies have a wide range of BP reduction, with some showing no change in BP.

Can B12 lower high blood pressure? ›

B12 and High Blood Pressure

People with high levels of homocysteine may be more likely to develop cardiovascular disease. As a result, some speculate that vitamin B12 supplements may be beneficial for people at risk for heart disease, such as those with high blood pressure.

Does lemon water lower blood pressure? ›

Lemon drink contains traces of several minerals that may be beneficial in lowering blood pressure. Calcium and potassium both can lower blood pressure in those suffering from hypertension. A study suggests that lemon water can help bring the number to the normal range immediately.

Why does apple cider vinegar lower blood pressure? ›

With that said, animal studies have found that apple cider vinegar can decrease the activity of a hormone called renin that is involved in blood pressure control. High renin increases blood pressure. Consuming apple cider vinegar can potentially lower renin activity and thereby lower blood pressure.

How can I lower my blood pressure without medication? ›

10 ways to control high blood pressure without medication
  1. Lose extra pounds and watch your waistline. Blood pressure often increases as weight increases. ...
  2. Exercise regularly. ...
  3. Eat a healthy diet. ...
  4. Reduce salt (sodium) in your diet. ...
  5. Limit alcohol. ...
  6. Quit smoking. ...
  7. Get a good night's sleep. ...
  8. Reduce stress.
Jul 12, 2022

Does cinnamon lower blood pressure? ›

Cinnamon May Help Lower Your Blood Pressure

Cinnamon, in addition to being flavorful and associated with a number of health benefits, may also help reduce your blood pressure, according to a study published in April 2021 in the Journal of Hypertension.

Does vinegar lower blood pressure quickly? ›

Will apple cider vinegar lower my blood pressure immediately? No. Apple cider vinegar is not proven to lower blood pressure at all. Rather, it may work in a roundabout way by potentially promoting weight loss, supporting lower cholesterol levels, and improving blood sugar control.

What is the blood pressure level for a stroke? ›

Call 911 or emergency medical services if your blood pressure is 180/120 mm Hg or greater and you have chest pain, shortness of breath, or symptoms of stroke. Stroke symptoms include numbness or tingling, trouble speaking, or changes in vision.

How much turmeric should I take daily to lower my blood pressure? ›

Tincture of Turmeric and Blood Pressure

You can take 10-30 drops twice or thrice daily. It may be added to juices, smoothies or teas. Maximum dose is 20-30 drops thrice daily.

Does turmeric or ginger lower blood pressure? ›

Ginger has been found to lower blood pressure, according to a 2019 meta-analysis in Phytotherapy Research. When taken long-term, turmeric can also have blood pressure-lowering effects, per a 2019 review in Pharmacological Research.

Does Omega 3 lower blood pressure? ›

DALLAS, June 1, 2022 — About 3 grams daily of omega-3 fatty acids, consumed in foods or supplements, appears to be the optimal daily dose to help lower blood pressure, according to a research review published today in the Journal of the American Heart Association, an open access, peer-reviewed journal of the American ...

Does zinc lower blood pressure? ›

The researchers found that zinc affects the muscles, endothelial cells, and sensory nerves together, reducing the amount of calcium in the muscles and causing them to relax. This, in turn, results in increased blood flow and lower blood pressure.

Is apple cider vinegar good for high blood pressure? ›

Using apple cider vinegar is one method people with high blood pressure used to manage the condition. It has become a popular natural remedy for high blood pressure and other health purposes, including lowering bad cholesterol and weight management.

Can CoQ10 lower blood pressure? ›

In one analysis, after reviewing 12 clinical studies, researchers concluded that CoQ10 has the potential to lower systolic blood pressure by up to 17 mm Hg and diastolic blood pressure by 10 mm Hg, without significant side effects.

What tea lowers blood pressure fast? ›

Some of the best teas for high blood pressure include chamomile, lavender, rose, and hibiscus. These teas are known for their ability to lower blood pressure and improve heart health. You can enjoy any of these teas by steeping them in hot water for a few minutes.

What supplements should I avoid if I have high blood pressure? ›

Examples of herbal supplements that may affect your blood pressure or blood pressure medicines include:
  • Arnica (Arnica montana).
  • Ephedra (ma-huang).
  • Ginseng (Panax quinquefolius, Panax ginseng).
  • Guarana (Paullinia cupana).
  • Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra).

Which plant is used to treat blood pressure? ›

Celery (Apium graveolens)

The seed extract of celery has been shown to have a BP-reducing effect in deoxycorticosterone acetate (DOCA)–induced hypertensive rats.

Who should avoid ashwagandha? ›

Risks. Talk to a doctor before using ashwagandha if you have any health conditions, including cancer, diabetes, thyroid problems, bleeding disorders, ulcers, lupus, multiple sclerosis, or rheumatoid arthritis. Ashwagandha might interfere with thyroid tests. Stop taking ashwagandha two weeks before surgery.

What are the downsides of ashwagandha? ›

Cons of Ashwagandha:
  • May cause gastrointestinal issues: Some people may experience upset stomach, diarrhea, or vomiting when taking ashwagandha.
  • May interact with certain medications: Ashwagandha may interact with certain medications, such as thyroid hormone replacement therapy or medications for anxiety and depression.
Apr 3, 2023

What are the negative benefits of ashwagandha? ›

What are the possible side effects of ashwagandha? Taking ashwagandha by mouth for up to 3 months seems to be safe. Large doses can lead to an upset stomach, diarrhea, vomiting, and, in rare cases, liver problems. Ashwagandha is probably unsafe for pregnant women because it might increase the risk of miscarriage.

What mineral deficiency causes high blood pressure? ›

Potassium is an essential mineral required for the body to function. In the context of blood pressure regulation and heart health, potassium works in tandem with sodium to regulate the electrical activity of the heart. Human trials consistently show that being deficient in potassium intake can raise blood pressure.

Does vitamin D affect blood pressure? ›

Kunutsor et al suggested that supplementation with vitamin D significantly reduced diastolic blood pressure (DBP) by 1.31 mm Hg in participants with preexisting cardiometabolic conditions (16).

Can too much vitamin D cause high blood pressure? ›

Too much vitamin D can cause abnormally high levels of calcium in the blood. This can affect bones, tissues, and other organs. It can lead to high blood pressure, bone loss, and kidney damage if not treated.

Is Ginger good for high blood pressure? ›

Ginger may also help in decreasing high blood pressure by preventing the formation of blood clots in your arteries and blood vessels. Blood clots can restrict or prevent blood from flowing through your circulatory system, which can further lead to high blood pressure.

Which magnesium lowers BP? ›

Magnesium taurate

Many doctors consider magnesium taurate⁹ the best supplement for people with hypertension (high blood pressure). Studies in rats show that it can help lower high blood pressure and protect your heart.

What relaxes blood vessels? ›

Nitric oxide is an essential molecule required for overall health. As a vasodilator, nitric oxide signals the blood vessels to relax, allowing them to expand. This effect allows blood, nutrients, and oxygen to flow freely to every part of your body.

Does B6 lower blood pressure? ›

Vitamin B6 might lower blood pressure. It has the potential to add to blood pressure-lowering effects of antihypertensive drugs and increase the risk of blood pressure becoming too low.

Can vitamin K2 reduce blood pressure? ›

Studies show that vitamin K2 can block the progression of arterial thickening and stiffening, therefore, blood pressure, and can reduce the risk of dying from heart disease by up to 57%. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide.

Does green tea raise or lower blood pressure? ›

Overall, the studies were of moderate quality. Meta-analysis showed that green tea consumption caused a significant reduction in systolic blood pressure and total and LDL cholesterol. The effects on diastolic blood pressure, HDL cholesterol, and triglycerides were not significant.

What is the number one food that causes high blood pressure? ›

Salt or sodium

Salt, or specifically the sodium in salt, is a major contributor to high blood pressure and heart disease. This is because of how it affects fluid balance in the blood. Table salt is around 40 percent sodium. Some amount of salt is important for health, but it's easy to eat too much.

Does honey lower blood pressure? ›

Honey has been linked to beneficial effects on heart health, including reduced blood pressure and blood fat levels.

Can pineapple juice lower blood pressure? ›

Pineapple Juice: Pineapple juice reduces hypertension due to the adequate presence of potassium and a lesser amount of sodium. (A cup of pineapple juice contains about 1 milligram of sodium and 195 milligrams of potassium.

What is the number 1 drink to lower blood pressure? ›

1. Skim milk. Skim milk contains potassium, calcium, and magnesium — minerals that are known to help decrease blood pressure. Some studies have shown that drinking 1 to 2 glasses of skim milk a day can help decrease blood pressure.

How much apple cider vinegar should I drink to lower my blood pressure? ›

Another study found that humans who took 100mg of apple cider vinegar every day for 12 weeks found that their blood pressure levels had reduced noticeably.

What is the best way to take apple cider vinegar for high blood pressure? ›

How to use apple cider vinegar for high blood pressure
  1. Add it to cooked popcorn.
  2. Drizzle it over meat or vegetables.
  3. Add it to a smoothie.
  4. Mix it with olive oil and herbs for salad dressing.
  5. Try it in a tea mixed with water and a bit of honey.
May 29, 2018

What vitamins lower blood pressure? ›

Foods high in vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, selenium or L-arginine are good options if you're looking to lower your blood pressure.

Which fruit reduce high blood pressure? ›

Citrus fruit

Citrus fruits may help lower blood pressure. They're loaded with vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds, that could help keep your heart healthy by reducing risk factors for heart disease like high blood pressure (4).

Should I go to the hospital if my blood pressure is 150 over 90? ›

Your blood pressure is considered high (stage 1) if it reads 130/80. Stage 2 high blood pressure is 140/90 or higher. If you get a blood pressure reading of 180/110 or higher more than once, seek medical treatment right away. A reading this high is considered “hypertensive crisis.”

How long does it take for cinnamon to lower blood pressure? ›

Cinnamon and placebo groups presented different patterns of blood pressure changes over time. A statistically significant decrease in mean 24-hr SBP and mean day SBP was observed in the cinnamon group, while mean night SBP and mean night DBP were decreased significantly in the placebo group after 90 days.

Does lemon water bring your blood pressure down? ›

Lemon drink contains traces of several minerals that may be beneficial in lowering blood pressure. Calcium and potassium both can lower blood pressure in those suffering from hypertension. A study suggests that lemon water can help bring the number to the normal range immediately.

What are 7 drinks to lower blood pressure? ›

In this article, we'll take a deeper dive into 7 different types of drinks that may help lower your blood pressure.
  • Tomato juice. Growing evidence suggests that drinking one glass of tomato juice per day may promote heart health. ...
  • Beet juice. ...
  • Prune juice. ...
  • Pomegranate juice. ...
  • Berry juice. ...
  • Skim milk. ...
  • Tea.

Does magnesium lower blood pressure? ›

Consuming diets with adequate magnesium may reduce the risk of high blood pressure (hypertension).

Does ginger lower blood pressure? ›

Studies show that ginger can reduce blood pressure and may be as effective as some typically used medications. Gingerol, a component of ginger, has been shown to suppress tumor growth in the lab.

How long does it take garlic to start lowering your blood pressure? ›

Several other recent reviews support these results, with many reporting blood pressure reductions ranging from 2.5–11.2 mm Hg following taking 600–2,400 mg of garlic powder per day for 8–24 weeks ( 3 , 5 , 6).

Does oatmeal lower blood pressure? ›

Oatmeal is a great breakfast choice if you have high blood pressure, but oat bran can provide even more health benefits, since it's higher in fiber, which can help to lower blood pressure and improve digestive health. Oatmeal also contains soluble fiber, which has been shown to reduce cholesterol levels.

What can I drink in the morning for high blood pressure? ›

  • Skim milk. Skim milk contains potassium, calcium, and magnesium — minerals that are known to help decrease blood pressure. ...
  • Tomato juice. ...
  • Beet juice. ...
  • Hibiscus tea. ...
  • Pomegranate juice. ...
  • Grapefruit juice.
Feb 2, 2023

What is the best drink to drink for high blood pressure? ›

The top drinks for lowering blood pressure include water, fruit juices (pomegranate, prune, cranberry, cherry), vegetable juice (tomato, raw beet), tea (black, green), and skim milk.


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