I'm in the best SUV ever made (and I'm buying one) (2023)


Toyota Rav4 review. Find out why you should buy a Toyota RAV4, do it yourself and see the car with Scotty Kilmer. I finally got a Toyota Rav4 and that's what I'm really thinking about. The best SUV to buy. What is the best SUV? Is the Toyota Rav4 a good family car? Is the Toyota Rav4 reliable? Toyota Rav4 reliability problems. I will buy a Toyota Rav4. Is it worth buying a Toyota Rav4? Car Tips. Do-it-yourself auto repair with Scotty Kilmer, auto mechanic for 55 years.

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Start the engines, okay, you think this car is falling apart, it has 349,000 miles, but it's the stock gearbox from the original 07 RAV4 engine.

They have two 2007 one, one matrix, one, one RAV4, a more expensive version if you're going all out or want to call them RAV4.

Some things really don't make sense, but it was named the RAV4 because Toyota saw it as an all-wheel drive recreational vehicle.

So they can get out of the way.

This one in particular is front wheel drive only.

Most are front-wheel drive.

Now people are buying a lot more all-wheel drive, somehow they have been misled.

Need some 4 wheel drive crap. Look, this man lives in Ohio.

No problem with two-wheel drive in the snow.

My son had one in Massachusetts.

You don't need 4WD in most places, it's overkill for most people, especially for a vehicle like this with a V6 engine.

The engine is the transmission for all the weights in front of you, pulling the front wheels.

All right.

Now that they lived in Vermont, they put on winter tires here in Ohio, they didn't put on winter tires.

They don't have studded tires either, Colorado.

But he didn't need four-wheel drive.

They're not stuck.

You really don't need 4WD in most situations as old as this, the owner just told me.

These are the original headlights.

Look at this plastic.

They made better plastic back then.

Now my Matrix's lights, which are the same Euro, seven, sure are great.

But these are aftermarket because the original ones fogged up.

So you pay a little more for the RAV4.

They used to make them much better.

Now it's a typical classic RAV4, as you can see, so seven, it's made in Japan.

What do you want, look at the inside, hey, it's still in pretty good shape.


They took good care of this vehicle and yes, I'm not making this up, let's go.

Turn the key check the mileage 248 475.

Now it seems like a bunch of noisy bolts started? No, it looks like a Toyota, does it vibrate? Not everything seems to work yet, I have some basic stuff for the phone even though it's an O7.

And of course it's older so it has a CD player for those of you who don't know what a CD player is.

You took these records, you threw them in and the music was hot.

Well, have you experienced it? But is it still there? And the advanced model still works.

So it has a sunroof, and yet it doesn't leak.

And like the Matrix, I definitely know how to make these fabric seats, they're still in great shape.

Now we go under the hood and we can see for almost 350,000 miles.

It's still pretty quiet, don't go out.

If you watch a video I shot in Rhode Island last year, the guy brought me one of those stupid Dodge Promasters, which was just a renamed Fiat, a little van with about 4,500 miles on it.

It clicked like it had 800,000 miles on it.

This thing doesn't make a sound.

Now it has a V6 engine.

Many of them had four firecrackers in them.

Many of them had four firecrackers, four firecrackers are good too.

But he wanted it because he wanted more power to travel anywhere.

They lived in Colorado for a while, climbed the Rocky Mountains and were excellent at moving.

Either way, with four bangers you'll get slightly better gas mileage.

But if you ride really hard, especially in the mountains, you'll probably be happier with the V6 engine.

It has a lot of power, it's naturally aspirated, no turbocharger, no fancy stuff, just basic V6 fuel injection.

And a transmission that still shifts great, just like the original alloy wheels.

And they still look pretty good.

And since it's an older style, the RAV4 has a spare tire in the back, I don't know, I just like the spare tire in the back.

You know, you have a real reserve in the back, it leaves a lot of room inside.

Looks like you bought some pillows for your trip, I guess.

And you open the seats you can put a bunch of shit in one of them if you have a solid Japanese made vehicle and like my Matrix you can make a tailgate and the owners did and they slept in it when needed to have plenty of space. I had a client in Houston.

They converted one into a small trailer.

Now only one person bivouacked for the trunk and everything in it.

But you know, they have a lot of space inside.

Now you want me to predict the future.

Another 300 tonight, several thousand miles, so we're trying out this new scanner.

I have the autel and we'll see what it says let's plug it in and hey every electric chair still works we start with Diagnosis not detection.

We were chasing Toyota.

Then we can start.


Remember, this thing has 348,000 miles on it.

Tire pressure indicators are coded.

So let's see what it is.

And it says yes, from transfer id5, not received.

Well, that spare tire doesn't work, the batteries are dead.

This is what a 16-year-old is entitled to.

Then, of course, the batteries and sensors run out, most people ignore it, check the tire pressure with pressure gauges, typical for each vehicle, everything is green.

So let's check the engine and the ECT system.

Current data.

We'll see what shape it will be.

Then restart it and wait for the live data to appear.

Here's short term fuel, tuning, yes add a year and a half to that, not bad for a car with such short term fuel economy on the couch.

One is three point one, so it's pretty much the same two, three percent, you're going to fine-tune an old car like this a bit.

And in this case, you usually need to add some fuel, because at 348,000 miles, the fuel injectors are probably not spraying the exact amount of fuel, they will run a little too short, not enough fuel.

So that's it, add a small amount and a fuel and air sensor, you can see it's perfect.

Yeah, pretty close to 0.998, 0.999, I mean, pretty close to perfect, which is, you know, 1,000 for one in two, they're about the same temperature.

284.1 284.3, notice, of course, that's degrees Celsius, which is battery current with amperes here.

This is it.

One thing you need to understand if you are going to look at an old Toyota like this 2007 one you will get a good scan tool like this hotel you will get all kinds of data that you can't get from other machines cheapo scan tool is not on to provide all this information.

These are serious machines for people who want to analyze things.

So if I have to cancel for $369, that's pretty good.

You can say that it's a typical six-cylinder Toyota.

And the number of duds is zero for them.

Everything, even with all the zero mile bugs, looking at dad here.

But when you start working on your own vehicle, you can see that these things can do a bit of all the running tests.

It can change the fuel pump vacuum, but look at all the things you can test, variable valve timing, variable valve timing, torque converter lockup, activation that activates the shift solenoids, see these things.

I mean, you're dizzy, control of all fuel cylinders.

See what this thing can do.

Crazy, memory, reset oil change.

You can see the fuel coming out of the air.

Oxygen sensors are working.

Now I'd like them to do all that data.

When I was a junior mechanic.

It would make my life.

Much easier, maybe I wouldn't waste so much air trying to figure out what's wrong with the cars.

But that said, with all these modifications to this car, there really isn't much wrong with it.

So the way we go backwards without the rear camera.

So we have to watch where we go.

You can say that they are incredibly tall, but they are quite high in the air.

You have a beautiful view.

Oh and the windows all around, you get a really good view of everything around, really no blind spots, really well thought out window layout and I mean that V6 engine.

You stop buying gas, you still have plenty of fun to collect, even with 349,000 miles.

And now he's on all sevens, a little older, drives well, all right, the new ones actually do a little better than the old ones.

But hey, riding it still doesn't feel like you're going to lose control and the gearbox itself.


As soon as you put it in gear, it goes down, even goes up smoothly.

And the brakes work perfectly.

No problems with that.

Now you hear some noise and then you get a bus where everything starts to creak.

When you change, he's driven so many miles, he's spent his whole life in the snow.

You can buy sealant 205 or some WD-40 and spray all the bushings we want.

Take the small highway, waiter, there is no one on the way, you can see people driving like crazy here, this man missed this car front bumper.

I rolled over here the other day and it still went pretty well, and here cornering, I don't feel anything special about the controls under the steering wheel.

And when we reach our little drag strip, we see that there is no one behind us.

Then we can stop.

And now we go.

It still burns rubber, hey, it's the engine and transmission.

Check this out.

You have a beautiful view of the landscape.

You don't have to worry about speed bumps.

But the only real downside I can see with this vehicle is that typical Toyota's is a sun visor that keeps falling off.

Well you can't have everything right and I have to say that driving this V6 is a lot more fun than four people complaining about the power acceleration you're in, don't complain about the six cylinder acceleration, no turbo, just the old feel of the V6 engine.

Now this will eventually require the left front wheel as I can hear it buzzing a bit while driving.

The sound changes, I hear it getting louder when I turn left, and it will eventually need to be replaced, but the tires aren't worn out yet.

And hey if you drive it for 348,000 miles I think it's time to rust and replace if you wear a wheel it's still a very solid vehicle to take on the road.

You want all those miles on it.

They know what they're doing building these things in Japan.

So we have it now.

The owner wanted to know if he could drive more miles in this car, right? Well, if he went another hundred thousand miles, he'd be to the moon and back, he'd have to go back another hundred thousand miles.

And I wouldn't be surprised if it happened now with the lowest level of technology, these older people can go as far as these modern, uh, jury dropped out.

You have high pressure turbochargers, I really doubt this stuff will go three, four, five hundred thousand miles.

Most people think, well, I'll get rid of the car sooner, but why would you if it still climbs well and goes so fast? Why waste money on a car? Look at these two? They still look good.

They're still doing well.

They still get a lot of good gas.

Why waste your money on another car when you can get something that will serve you when it has proven technology that doesn't play like a guinea pig on you well it didn't work well I guess we're going to change this design and you're stuck with this.

It's a proven design, you're looking for something that will last and let's face it.

Is it possible to live like this when Colorado Ohio is still rotten in the snow? No, it's not because Toyota knows how to do it.

So they don't rust.

So now you know a little more about the RAV4, why so many of these things are selling and why so many of them are driving now. I'm not a fan of 4WD as I said before, I think most of the time you're throwing your money away at front wheel drive winter tires.

One is fine, you worsen the fuel consumption of the driving wheels.

So you have two-wheel drive, but that's up to you anyway, they're well made vehicles.

So if you ever want to miss one of my new car repair videos, don't forget to give me a call.


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